These Sings Indicate Your Partner Lacks Trust in You

One of the most important factors for a romantic relationship to thrive is trust. It is the basis of a healthy relationship. When you have a fight with your partner and things turn spiteful, the fact that you’ve never broken their trust gives you another chance to work on your relationship with them. However, once you break someone’s trust, it is difficult to bring that confidence back in your relationship again.

Here are some signs that your partner doesn’t trust you:

  1. Habit of checking your phone: If your partner regularly checks your phone and expects to find something that they can fault you for then they do not trust you. If they look at your emails, DMs, text messages or location data, it means that they lack trust in you.
  2. Asking multiple questions about the same thing: If you talk about an event or any other topic and your partner keeps asking you too many questions about the same, then they do not fully trust you. The lack of trust makes them curious about every detail of the event.
  1. They have problems with your social life: If your partner keeps taunting you about your social life, it can possibly be because of trust issues. Criticizing someone constantly for being an extrovert or having too many friends is unacceptable. If your partner tries to sabotage your social life, call it out as it is a toxic trait and it might be a sign that they don’t trust you.
  2. Getting worked up if you don’t attend one of their calls: If your partner overreacts when you don’t pick up their calls, it means that they don’t fully trust you. It makes them restless as they start imagining scenarios of betrayal, thinking that you might be somewhere else and have lied about your whereabouts to them.

If your partner shows any of these signs, make sure you call them out on the same and work on your relationship.