5 Tips To Declutter Your Living Room And Create More Breathing Space

The living room is the place to unwind and relax after a tiring day. It is your private space to enjoy some family time while watching a movie or catching up with your near and dear ones. However, the living room often becomes a mess as most of our daily activities take place there.

Living rooms usually don’t have a lot of storage, except for a cabinet and TV unit. This leads to cluttering and a feeling of chaos. To reclaim your living space, the first thing you need to declutter it, and we are to offer some help.

Here are a few tips to help you declutter your living room and create more breathing space in the house.

You might have been collecting artefacts from the flea markets, your travel destinations or mementoes, or awards. But putting up everything on display will clutter the shelves and make cleaning difficult for you. Choose to keep what adds charm to the room. The other artefacts can find a place in other rooms or maybe in a glass showcase.


Decide on permanent storage spaces for items, such as remote controls, chargers, magazines, and books.

Fitness Equipment

A treadmill or a bike will cram the space in the living room. Fitness equipment can go to the balcony or the bedroom as it will create a breathing space in your living room.


Beanbags are a big no-no for the living room. It will take up a lot of space and is likely to not match with the interiors or the other remaining. It will leave your living room looking shoddy. Beanbags are better suited for kids’ rooms.

Colours and shades

While selecting furniture or decor pieces, opt for neutral colours to elevate the mood and aesthetics of the space. Premium quality wooden furniture creates a soothing and quiet atmosphere.

Try these tips and lets us if they worked for your living space!