Chilling CCTV shows teen girl’s last moments with killer before vicious murder

Chilling CCTV shows the moment a teenage girl walked down a street with a “frustrated” man – right before she was savagely murdered.

Lewis Haines, 31, is facing being jailed for life tomorrow for killing Lily Sullivan, 18, while her mum sat just yards away waiting to take her safely home.

The dad-of-one launched the vicious attack on Lily after the pair met at a club during a night out with friends.

A court heard Haines and Lily had been kissing before he led her down an alleyway near the beauty spot pond.

He then strangled her before dumping her semi-naked body into the waters.

Haines denied the murder was sexual – but that was rejected by Judge Paul Thomas QC after Lily’s body was found topless.

Judge Thomas ruled that Haines had tried to force himself on Lily when she attempted to leave the Mill Pond in Pembroke, West Wales, to find her waiting mother.

Swansea Crown Court heard Haines killed Lily because he “couldn’t risk her surviving” and telling his long-term partner at home.

Judge Thomas said: “His intention was to silence her. He didn’t want anyone to know what had happened in the lane.

“I am sure, however, having been in that lane for some time with Lily and having had intimate contact with her up to a point, Lily decided that she was going home to meet her mother.

“She made it clear from the phone call if nothing else to her mother that she did not want the intimacy between her and Lewis Haines to go as far as sexual intercourse.

“Fuelled as he was by drink, I am sure that Lewis Haines was frustrated by this because he had expectations and hopes that it would go further.”

Lily had spoken to her mother at 2.47am when she said: “I’ll be there now mam. I’m on my way. I’m a couple of minutes away. I’m nearly there.”

But the call was cut short before her mum Anna Sullivan tried calling her back 30 times as she sat waiting to pick her up in the nearby Green Garage.

Mrs Sullivan unknowingly spotted Haines “walking casually, swinging his arms” at 3.09am when he started to “act strangely.”

CCTV showed he and Lily walking together through the streets and turning down a lane.

Then he was spotted alone minutes later.

Prosecutor William Hughes QC said: “He began to act strangely, running across the road even though there was no traffic and walking towards the Bush school.

“He was shaking his head and holding his head in his hands. This occurred at 3.09am.

“Anna Sullivan decided to follow Lewis Haines due to his behaviour. She lost sight of him as he disappeared into the woods.

“Mr Haines was aware that Anna Sullivan was waiting for Lily at that location.”

He added: “The person Anna Sullivan saw at this point was her daughter’s killer Lewis Haines.”

The court heard Haines fled the scene after leaving Lily’s half-naked body face down in the water on December 17 last year.

He went home to tell girlfriend Maisie John: “I have strangled somebody. They are in the Mill Pond. I’ve been in the Mill Pond.”

The court heard Haines then told his mum and step-dad that he met Lily in Out nightclub before they “necked” during the night out.

He claimed that he launched the attack after Lily had threatened to accuse him of being a rapist when she found out he had a girlfriend.

Lily was pronounced dead at 6.02am before a post mortem by Dr Stephen Leadbeatter found her injuries consistent with “manual strangulation.”

Haines told police: “I strangled her” when they arrived at his mum’s address.

He later said “What the f*** have I done?” at the custody desk at the station.

The court heard Haines claimed he had tried to go in the water to pull Lily out.

However, the judge said he had put her in the pond “where she would not be easily seen at night in the murky water.”

The judge is expected to deliver Haines sentence on Friday.